This game is about balancing out two competing viruses.

Made for GMTK Jam 2020 (theme: "OUT OF CONTROL").


Keep the two viruses balanced for as long as possible.


Left mouse buttonRed Infection
Right mouse buttonBlue Infection
RReset & Randomize
MAudio Mute / Unmute


Grey circles - uninfected.

Red circles - infected by red virus.

Blue circles - infected by blue virus.

Circles move back and forth on a random line.

Uninfected circles become infected if they are close to an infected circle.

Infections are healed after 10 seconds.

Each second of balance adds 1 point.

Each second out of balance subtracts 1 point.

Reach 60 points to win (indicated by middle circle's size).

Special Thanks

To Mr. & Mrs. Cookie for moral support & additional sounds


Made in JavaScript using Phaser 3.


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This is the best game i've played so far in this gamejam. Really nice!

The game concept is really good! I think if you were to add a title screen and some UI, then the game would be better. Nice sound effects too :)

Some simple enjoyment. Thank you for give us the pleasure.


Worth playing just for the sound effects^^