This game is a maze where you see only one color (at a time).

The goal is to get to the door.


  • Arrow Keys (click the game if they don't work)
  • R - Restart Level

State of the Game (+excuses)

Currently has 3 levels.

Made for GMTK Jam 2019.

Because I have work on Sunday, I had only one (hehe) day to work on this.

I think this concept has some potential so I might continue working on it if people are interested.

Technical Info

Made using Phaser 3


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only-one-color-maze.zip 302 kB


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Very nice 1bit game. Challenging and fun.


This seems like a good idea. I would be interested in playing a complete version, but as it is, it's too confusing. This desperately needs some kind of tutorial.


I seem to just get a screen of green pixellated lines. Doesn't seem playable right now.

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Edit: Oh wait, it is a bug, I'm now seeing this broken state on a different computer.

It's not a bug, that's what the game looks like. :)

It can be pretty confusing at first, if you're stuck in the first level, start by going to the right. And if the arrow keys aren't responding, click the game with the mouse to focus it.

Oh, and the minimum resolution is 1280x960.

Okie doke, I'll give it another shot.


My apologies, you were absolutely right.

The game had a critical bug on some browsers and didn't work at all, luckily I had the same issue at my work computer.

I found a way to fix it, it should work now. :)

If you're interested in the details, the problem was that my maps were PNGs, and it seems some browser versions change the colors slightly, which made the maps undecipherable. I changed the files to BMPs and it's working fine now. (and is even a smaller file size)

That's a strange bug - I use png's on some of my work. I'll need to bear that in mind. Glad you found a way to fix it though.

i'm having the same problem here