You play a corporation that is investing in people's happiness.

How to Play

Buy and sell stocks in people. Try to get as much "happiness" as possible.

Buy "low" when they're unhappy and sell "high" when they're happy.

When you're done buying and selling, end the turn for the time to move forward.

For the moment, the game doesn't really have an ending.


I made this for the GMTK 2023 Jam, and didn't have enough time to add all of the features and balance the game, so it's currently too easy, and the main experimental idea of looking at news about people isn't even necessary to win.

Also, the effects of each situation are very arbitrary. By the nature of this game, I had to make some quick decisions about how a person's stats and states would affect their life, and I'm sure I'm miles away from anything that actually makes sense.

Technical Details

I made this in HTML + CSS (SCSS), programming in TypeScript.

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