Duel AI opponents in a game of dice and upgrade your dice between duels.

How to Play:

  • Use the mouse / touch
  • Between duels you can modify the dice you have, changing what each side does
  • Most dice effects take effect each time they're rolled (e.g. heal), and others modify fighting stats "while up", until re-rolled (e.g. +attack, +defense)
  • Damage calculation is simple: (attacker's attack) - (defender's defense)
  • Green effects help the player, red effects help their opponent


  • I never got to balancing the game, so it's way too easy
  • The AI is super simple
  • Some of the more interesting features didn't get in for lack of time, e.g.:
    • Choosing between upgrade scenarios (e.g. new effect vs upgrade existing)
    • An effect that allows you to roll an opponent's die
  • Some typos and weird phrasings

Technical Details:

Made in TypeScript using Phaser 3

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